Loren Buchmeier


Co-Founder / Quick Response Team


Grew up in a small farm town and couldn't wait to get out and see the world. Loren joined the US Army in 1992 immediately after graduating HS. He served on active duty from 1992 into 1998. During that time, serving in Korea, Ft Devens Ma, and deployments to Africa for Operation Noble Piper as well as the Balkans for Operation Just Cause. After his service Loren attended college for 2 years where he pursued a career in Geology. On 9/11/2001, while working as a carpenter with his father, he realized the gravity of the day and called the recruiter to return and go to war. With his previous experience he wanted to be back looking out for his "Joe's". A few days later he was raising his right hand to defend the constitution for another 3 years. Stationed in Germany by January of 2002 and already aware of the upcoming war in Iraq, he flew his Love, Alise from Chicago to visit and surprised her by proposing on the old bridge in Wurzburg. They were married 2 months later and were able to spend a few months together before Loren was deployed to Iraq for a year. Loren was disheartened by his feelings on the justification for the war in Iraq and the devastation and destabilization he felt was caused by the war. He felt he could no longer serve with honor. Loren returned to the Chicago area from Germany with their first son Holden and a few years later came Emmet! While stationed in Germany, Loren made the acquaintance of Thorsten Gredel who would become a friend for life as well as co-founder of this idea! Loren found a job as a full time police officer in a close suburb of Chicago. Over the years he realized he had been struggling with servere PTSD which was often affected by his daily encounters as a police officer. With the support of his wife and the Veterans Administration, he resigned after 13 years and made a full time business from his whiskey barrel cooperage. Still haunted by his experiences in such a violent world Loren maintains his passion for helping others. He has  often said that during his experiences around the world, under the worst of conditions, he has seen the best in people and maintains that "humanity is inherently good!"

Thorsten Gredel

Co-Founder / Director / Quick Response Team


Thorsten was born in Mannheim (Rebel City) Germany. There he grew up connected to the American community. He fulfilled his drafted year in the German army as a tank engineer fom 1992 until 1993.

Afterwards he became a IT-professional and a technical writer. In 2000 he lived 1 year in India and studied programming (c, C++....) there. Being back he worked again in the IT-Business and in 2003 met Loren and Alise Buchmeier. They kept close friends since then. The Situation in the Ukraine forced us to do something for the people there.

"As a German I don't want, that history repeats like 1939 in Poland. I am just happy that I have the opportunity to be there for the people in need." 

Alisa Buchmeier

Board of Directors 

 An artist, community organizer, mother and the wife of Loren. She describes herself as “a Momma, a hairdresser, a lover of baked goods and a human being”. When asked why she decided to join her husband in this endeavor, she said; My family is Jewish, I am very lucky to exist. It makes me want to help other humans, especially when tyrants lose their minds and try to erase a group of people."

Kristina Hansen

Board of Directors 


Growing up in the Balkans in the early 90s, Tina is no stranger to

dealing with war criminals and their many atrocities from an early age.  

Besides Europe, Tina has also lived in Florida, Illinois, and New Jersey. One constant takeaway is that there are good people and bad people no matter where one finds themselves. 


Instructional designer by day, masked vigilante by night. Tina is very honored and excited to be a part of this initiative and ready to assist with any resources at hand.  

Kathleen Murphy

 Board of Directors 

 More to come....

Timothy Olson


Timothy has an extensive education and experience in finance. More to come...

Leslie Gordon

Facebook Admin

Mother of 2, professional animal keeper, and has known Loren since childhood. She is just one of the many friends attracted to this fund by Loren’s infectious energy to make positive change on Planet Earth, no matter how small.

 Board of Directors 

An entrepreneur, father of 2, a concerned citizen and (in Leslie’s opinion) an all around great guy. He makes a killer pastrami.

Robert Farster