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The Human Kind Fund was established to respond to global refugee crisis and provide direct aid and comfort to people displaced by conflict or natural disaster.


As Russian aggressors rolled tanks across the border of a democratic and sovereign nation we all watched in horror and held our breath. A phone call between friends on separate continents inspired the vision to act in some capacity to aid Ukraine in it's most desperate hour. The German and American were both Army veterans who decided they were too old to join the fight and had families of their own to be responsible for. So a peaceful alternative idea was put together within hours. Reaching out to a network of friends from a variety of professional backgrounds we quickly garnered support of big hearted individuals who wanted to help their fellow human kind. Within 24 hours we filed our paperwork to establish a not-for-profit based in Illinois but with global connections. Our mantra is to help where and when its needed in as great a capacity as possible. To provide the simple comforts and aid to those who have potentially lost everything.


What We Do

Partner with Experienced Aid Agencies


Immediate and Direct support to refugees and those defending and supporting freedom inside Ukraine

Our initial intent was to provide shelter and comfort for those fleeing the war. After connecting with EMES i Partnerzy we were able to expand the scope of our mission to purchase items from a wish list sent to EMES directly from top officials within the Ukrainian government. Your contributions are able to provide IMMEDIATE and DIRECT support to those in desperate need in the fight to preserve a sovereign and democratic nation! EMES volunteers make weekly or Bi Weekly runs deep inside Ukraine with the help of other allied organizations. YOU can purchase bandages, new socks, encoded radios, meals, batteries and so much more that is needed by these Ukrainian heroes and know that there are NO salaries for our volunteers and all travel and per diem expenses are paid out of their own pockets. There are few places you can contribute that can say the same!

The best way to understand a situation is to be there. Our initial goal was to get boots on the ground and determine where our help was needed most. Our small group, initially 3 volunteers with a 4th joining a week later, made incredible contacts to find inroads to provide much needed support. In Slovakia we met with Governor Martin Semen of the State of Kosice as well as other officials who organize refugee assistance. We have pledged support as they build a large refugee center in Kosice City.

In Poland we have pledged support to EMES and Partners-Charity wing. We have given thousands of dollars in equipment and supplies to aid two of their refugee centers. In addition, EMES volunteers transport critical supplies and equipment deep inside war torn Ukraine and deliver it directly to rescue and medical workers as well as Ukrainian Military.

We keep nothing.
Every dollar is put to direct and immediate use!

Our entire staff is completely voluntary. None of our volunteers receive a salary or payment of any kind. A handful of volunteers work tirelessly to organize data and respond to emails. During a humanitarian crisis, our forward team responded paying their own travel and food expenses. The only cost paid out of HKFNFP funds is shelter for response team volunteers. There are very few not-for-profit organizations that can boast nearly 100% of contributions goes to immediate and direct support of those in need. Very few indeed. While large NGO's have proven their value in times of crisis, by providing the overwhelming majority of aid, They cannot tell you when and where the money will be spent. Will those contributions even help in this crisis, or provide salary for employees or even sit in an account and be used elsewhere for a different crisis? Our micro-NGO will post photo's of what is purchased with your contribution. You will see the results of your contribution in real time! These are some of the many reasons your dollar is worth more here.

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